Laboratory Director Consultancy Services Across Hawaii

Achieving Excellence with Our Comprehensive Solutions

Discover unparalleled laboratory director consultancy services where we take your clinical laboratory to the next level of operational excellence. Our expertise not only helps you navigate through the complexities of acquiring your CLIA license and State permit, but also ensures the utmost compliance with all Federal and State regulations. Offering a quality system approach to ensure accurate patient test results, we stand committed to supporting you with a range of comprehensive services.

We are highly-ranked with a proven track record of passing CLIA inspections. We have served laboratories from Hawaii to Florida. We emphasize customer service that sets us apart no matter what the distance. Trust us to be your steadfast partner in achieving the highest standards of laboratory services in the medical field.

CLIA Licensure and the Hawaii Department of Health State Permit

Our seasoned experts help you obtain your CLIA license and State permit, ensuring complete compliance with Federal and State regulations. We also provide a qualified laboratory director/consultant that meets CLIA’s qualification to be listed on your CLIA license and State permit.

Other Services: Comprehensive Laboratory Director Consultancy

We offer a range of other services customized for clinical laboratories performing CLIA-waived testing up to moderate- and high-complexity testing. Our services extend beyond Hawaii to California, Nevada, and Florida.

Quality Management
We oversee the operation and administration of your laboratory, adopting a quality system approach to ensure the accuracy of patient test results.

Operating Procedure Manual Composition
We create a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) manual satisfying all CLIA requirements.

Testing Platform Verification/Validation
We assess the accuracy and precision of your testing platform(s) to ensure reliable and consistent test results.

Training and Competency Assessment
We set up a robust training program for your personnel, including annual competency assessments, to ensure a high standard of service.

Consultation on Test Result Interpretation
We provide clinical consultation services to aid your clients in understanding and interpreting test results.

Constant Communication and Site Visits
We maintain open channels of communication for smooth operation, making in-person site visits for quality checks.